Crochet Beach Bag

Imagine this enchanting scenario: you, bronzed, oiled and carefree, sipping a fruity tropical drink at the beach this summer, carrying all your treasures in a creative, eye-catching beach bag — a beach bag that you made yourself!

How lovely would that be?

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You can grab a free pattern for a chic fabric beach bag on the Internet; if that one’s not quite what you’re looking for, be sure to check out this list of free bag and tote patterns too.

Find More Fantastic Bags to Crochet

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Looking Ahead to Free Crochet Patterns for June 2014

I hope you’re not putting your crochet hooks away for the summer; as the weather warms up, it seems like people crochet less, but there are plenty of things other than hats, scarves and blankets you could be crocheting. I’ll give you some hints about what you’ll find in future blog posts here on our website:

  • Hair accessories — perfect for keeping the hair off your face when it’s hot out! We already have plenty of headbands posted, but next month we’ll be tying it all together with lots of new hair accessory patterns and updates.

  • Crocheted skirts — lacy, lovely skirts are perfect for dressy occasions year-around. I think you’re going to love these!

  • Crocheted curtains and valances — When it’s too hot to work on afghans, why not try something a little different — like a crocheted valance or curtain for your favorite window?

  • See Also: summer crochet patterns and project ideas

There’ll be more, of course, but so far as of right now that’s what I have planned and (nearly) ready to go.

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Thanks so much for visiting!

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Crochet Hearts — Free Patterns for Appliques, Coasters, Trivets and More

Earlier today, I linked you up to a stunning silk heart applique. Pictured below, you can see several different ways to style the same heart pattern.

Crochet Hearts -- Free Patterns. Find free crochet patterns for heart appliques, heart-shaped coasters, heart-shaped trivets and more fantastic crochet hearts.

Crochet Hearts — Free Patterns. Find free crochet patterns for heart appliques, heart-shaped coasters, heart-shaped trivets and more fantastic crochet hearts.

It’s amazing how different you can make the same heart design look, just by using different materials to crochet the pattern, and by using different doodads to embellish it with.

On the upper right, we have a small heart applique crocheted using red embroidery floss. It’s embellished with a small satin bow, and accented with a tiny faux pearl.

On the lower right, we have another heart applique crocheted using wine-colored wool yarn. It’s embellished with a large paisley button.

On the left, we have a larger fabric crochet heart shape. This could be used as either a coaster or a trivet, whichever you prefer. There’s a separate pattern for this version of the design. A summary of the pattern would be as follows: crochet the heart applique using fabric strips. The long version of the pattern goes a little more in-depth, explaining more details about how to put the project together.

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Silk Heart Applique

Oh, how I adore the look of hand-painted silk.

Silk Heart Applique

Silk Heart Applique -- Click the Photo to Get the Free Crochet Pattern

As an experiment, I recently crocheted my new infinity scarf using a gorgeous hand-painted silk yarn. The recommended yarn for the scarf is merino wool, so the silk was something totally different, and I wasn’t sure how it would work out. It turned out fabulous! I’m quite pleased with it, and can’t wait to show it to you. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be posting more about the scarf shortly, once I have taken some photos to show you. Please do be sure to check back soon for that post.

The scarf is exciting, but what I really want to write about at the moment is the heart design that you see pictured above.

I had a little of the silk yarn left over when I was finished making my scarf, so after that, I tried making this little silk heart applique, just for the fun of it. I embellished the applique with a heart-shaped Czech glass button and a bow made from silk ribbon yarn.

Please keep in mind that silk yarn isn’t a necessity for crocheting this design. You could make this little applique in just about any yarn or fiber. Although I think smooth fibers would be the most straightforward, it could also be interesting to experiment with using novelty yarns and textured yarns in this design as well. It would also be lovely if crocheted in thread — which I actually tried as well. You can look forward to an upcoming blog post about that as well.

More Crochet Hearts

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Crochet Lace Choker Necklace for Valentine’s Day

Crochet Lace Choker Necklace -- Free Pattern Available

Crochet Lace Choker Necklace -- Click the Photo to Grab the Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet lace choker is an easier project than you’d think. Because it’s crocheted vertically, it’s easy to get just the right length you want. Adjustments are quick and painless. The beads are easy too — they’re added at the end as a sort of afterthought. Or, you could skip the beads all together and embellish the choker with ribbon instead.

This is a Valentine-friendly project. It’s a delightfully feminine and sexy way to accessorize for a romantic dinner date. On the other hand, it’s a project that you’ll be able to wear often. You don’t need to reserve it for Valentine’s Day, since it would be beautiful for wearing all spring and summer too.

More Valentine Crochet

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A New Crochet Infinity Scarf — Get the Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf -- A Free Crochet Pattern Is Available

Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf -- The Free Crochet Pattern Is Available

I’d like to share a link to the free crochet pattern for my latest favorite scarf-of-the-moment. It’s an infinity scarf that I just finished crocheting a couple of days ago. I’m excited about this scarf for a number of reasons:

  • It’s an easy, kick-back-and-relax type design that doesn’t involve much brainpower or heavy concentration. Anyone who’s learned the basics of crochet could succeed with this pattern.
  • The design is really simple but, I think, really pretty too. It’s feminine without being froo-froo, and it’s also chic and stylish.
  • It’s super-duper warm.
  • It matches just about every single piece of clothing in my fall / winter wardrobe, and a good bit of my spring wardrobe too.
  • I’ve had more compliments so far on this scarf than any other scarf I’ve crocheted!
  • When I put this thing on, it’s absolutely dreamy to not have to worry about how I will tie my darned scarf. I just loop it a couple of times around my neck, and it’s as good as tied, without me having to actually do any tying.

I’ve posted a rather silly picture of the scarf above. Although the picture is a little kooky, I thought perhaps it might interest you, because it shows off the shape of the scarf and gives you an idea of the sort of crochet project this is. I don’t actually suggest wearing the scarf like this; as I hinted already, it’s intended to be a cowl-neck style scarf that loops casually around the neck, and doesn’t need to be tied.

If this scarf isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, click here to see more free crochet scarf patterns.

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Crocheting Great Accessories for Men

Some people think of crochet as being a “girly” technique. Of course, it can be that sometimes, but crochet can also be as masculine as you want it to be. It’s often little details that distinguish a guy-friendly pattern; for example, once you’ve come up with a stitch pattern that’s appealing to guys, it’s a whole lot easier to use that as a basis for coming up with wonderful crocheted accessories that men will want to wear. I’ll show you several of my guy-friendly crochet projects plus the stitches that inspired them.

Men's Crochet Headband

Item: Men’s Outdoorsy Headband; this versatile accessory is ideal to have on hand for keeping a guy’s ears warm.

The Details: Crocheted in half double stitch worked through back loops; this gives the project a ribbed appearance that’s quite rugged and masculine. Utilizes >worsted weight yarn; an easy, zippy-quick project.

Men's Crochet Scarf and Hat Set

Items: Men’s Hat and Matching Winter Scarf

The Details: crocheted in an easy stitch pattern that utilizes slip stitch and single crochet. Both patterns require light worsted weight yarn.

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The Easiest Crochet Baby Blanket I Ever Made

Crochet Baby Blanket

I love me some easy crochet projects, don’t you? It’s lovely to just veg out with a no-brainer project in hand — listening to podcasts or music or whatever.

I’m trying to learn another language, so lately that’s what I’ve been doing while working on my easy crochet stuff. (I don’t watch TV, but if you do, that’s another option for something else you could be doing while you’re crocheting.)

Anyway, the blanket you see pictured above is the easiest crochet baby blanket I’ve yet made. It was pretty quick too! I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It makes me smile to think that it will be keeping a little one warm, hopefully next winter. I sent it off to the Pine Ridge Reservation after getting the idea from a charity crocheter. Her charity crochet story inspired me to donate some of my projects to the organization she had been working with. Perhaps some of you will do the same?

Whether you’re crocheting for charity or for yourself or your family, it’s good to have crochet baby blanket patterns in your craft pattern stash. Bunches of them are available online; see this list of baby blanket patterns for some of my favorites. Happy crocheting!

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Wearing Crocheted Scarves to the Beach — Plus Free Scarf Patterns

Crochet Scarf With Fringe Worn With Long-Sleeved Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Pictured Above: A Crochet Scarf With Fringe Worn With a Long-Sleeved Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Crochet Scarf With Fringe Worn With Knitted Hoodie SRC=

Pictured Above: The Crochet Scarf Worn With a Knitted Hoodie

When I first moved to Southern California, I was not prepared for how much temperatures dropped after sundown — even during the spring and summer months. I had no idea it got so cold at night here!

If you’re not from Socal and you’re planning a beach vacation here, be aware: you should bring some warm clothes to wear after the sun sets, especially if you’re going to be hanging around the beach in the evenings. Even if it’s the middle of August. For real.

The photos above give you a glimpse at how I’m typically dressed on a spring or summer evening here by the beach in California — except of course I’m usually wearing a crocheted hat, and for some reason I’m not in either of the pics above. But otherwise, the knit hoodie, crocheted scarf, and long-sleeved T are pretty much my standard gear.

If you don’t have any suitable crocheted accessories, isn’t it about time for you to make some for yourself? You can get many free crochet scarf patterns and free crochet hat patterns on the Internet — all you need to buy is some yarn and maybe a crochet hook if you don’t have the right one already. Thanks for your interest and happy crocheting!

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My Favorite Crocheted Necklace — Plus Get Free Crochet Necklace Patterns

Beaded Necklace Crocheted With Metallic Thread - Free Crochet Pattern Available at

Free Crochet Pattern for a Bead Crochet Choker Necklace With Glass Pendant

This is my favorite necklace. It looks great with most of my wardrobe, and it’s surprisingly comfortable. It was a quick and affordable crochet project, yet it looks super expensive. I get tons of compliments on it when I wear it.

How I Made This Necklace:

My necklace is made from sparkly metallic fiber; it’s a metallic embroidery floss called DMC Light Effects embroidery floss. This floss coordinates beautifully with beads and dichroic glass. I was really excited to discover this combination; if you enjoy crocheting jewelry, I think you will want to give these materials a try.

Where to Buy Dichroic Glass Pendants

You can buy pendants anywhere, but dichroic glass pendants are a special thing; since they’re handmade by glass artisans, you can’t just go to any old local big-box retailer and expect to find a nice one. So if you’d like a sparkling, shimmering dichroic glass pendant like the one you see in my pictures, the best way I know to get one is to buy it directly from a glass artist. That’s what I did.

I found a really great seller on ebay that makes lovely pendants in just the right size, at just the right price. They’re amazingly affordable, and the quality is fantastic. This link takes you to browse through dichroic glass pendants from dichrohaven’s ebay store. Of course, any similar pendant will work, so if you have a different type of pendant in mind, by all means use it. Please think of my patterns as suggestions — feel free to use them as springboards for your own creative ideas.

More Crochet

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